You Don’t Really Have Kids Until You Have More Than One

I haven’t blogged in a while, but I can’t sleep right now, so I get to ramble on here.  Things have been a little crazy.  Rebekah is 4 months old now and definitely nothing like big sister Kayla (which is fine).  Kayla would practically put herself to bed and was sleeping through the night at about 3 months.  It’s been an interesting few months.

When she was about two weeks old, she began what we would later figure out was reflux, but until we did and got it diagnosed by her pediatrician, she screamed and squirmed every night for about 3 hours until she wore herself out.  She is now on Zantac and the reflux is much better.  Since then, we’ve been through “the crud” causing puking and eventually a minor ear infection (nothing 10 days of Amoxicillin couldn’t clear up) and now she’s on Albuterol treatments a few times a day as needed.

Tomorrow is a big day for little Rebekah.  At her 4-month checkup her head was measuring at a very low percentile.  She has always had a small head and it was even something they were concerned about before she was born.  Valerie had multiple ultrasounds and even a fetal MRI, but the doctors all gave her a thumbs up.  Rebekah’s pediatrician decided to send us for a head CT at Children’s Healthcare at Scottish Rite.  Due to some irregularities that showed up on the CT, she goes for an MRI (again at Scottish Rite) tomorrow.  The hard part is that due to the need for the patient to be very still, they have to sedate her (which is a bit scary).

Her pediatrician is supposed to get the results the next day and will call us, but we don’t have an appointment with a neurologist until 2 weeks later, so the waiting might be a bit tough.  Amazingly, the neurologist office they referred us to has 7 pediatric neurologists in the office.  SEVEN!  We are truly blessed to have some of the best pediatric facilities in the country not even an hour away.

So, we’ll be praying for little Rebekah tomorrow (as we have been all along).  Despite a radical change in how much personal attention she receives now, Kayla has been awesome throughout it all.  I will try to update about Rebekah when possible.  These next few weeks will probably be just as crazy as the past few have been.  On top of all that, we have two insanely huge projects in the works at the same time at work, so it’s no rest for the weary there either.  :)

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  1. Prayers and good thoughts towards all four of you.

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