Busier Week Than Expected

This was a much busier week than I thought it was going to be when I embarked upon it! The clear evidence of that is that I haven’t posted all week. So, without further ado, here is January 19-25th…in bullet list form.

  • Saturday night – InternetSafety.com holiday party. We have a tradition of having it well after the actual holidays it is designed to celebrate. Great time. We had a “Casino Night” and as one of the top 3 winners, I received a Visa Gift Card prize! It also snowed a good bit and the temperature proceeded to drop into the 20s (shut up, Northerners).
  • Sunday – Due to the fear of ice, church had been canceled. I hurried out first thing in the AM to pick up a few bags of firewood (since I procrastinated at getting some real stuff delivered and am too lazy to chop the logs we have here). We kept the fire going all day and stayed pretty much in our pajamas. It was one of the best days in recent history just hanging out as a family and having a restful time!
  • Monday night – band practice. We still don’t have a name, but I got to try out my new pedal a bit and play my acoustic (since Steven, our acoustic guitar player and leader wasn’t there). I think I did a fair job of leading the practice and even sang a bit.
  • Monday night into Tuesday morning – After practice, we had a little impromptu HVAC class. The thermostat in the youth room had been relocated to the uninsulated attic where it was making the electric heat run constantly. Shane found it and cut it off, John and I fished the thermostat wire through the wall (including some contortionism on both our parts), and we reattached it and mounted it inside the room it is meant to control.
  • Tuesday – Other than work, I don’t remember what happened. It was a blur. I know I spent a good portion of it building the first “Retail” disc master with the new Mac version of Safe Eyes. It’s an ordeal, but I scripted a lot of it, so it should be easier next time.
  • Wednesday – Work. Then Sold Out (youth group) at church. Good worship time (despite the lack of our drummer), good message, good Beef O’ Brady’s afterwards.
  • Thursday – Busy day at work. I was “in the zone” and ended up staying until about 7pm coding up some new and fancy disable options for Safe Eyes. I got home and began playing Burnout Paradise. Great multiplayer experience!
  • Thursday night into Friday morning – Kayla woke up at about 3am having puked in her bed. Change the bed clothes and an hour later, she was back up sick again. Valerie pulled an all-nighter sleeping on the floor up in Kayla’s room and helped her get to the bathroom the remaining times she was sick. She’s feeling much better now after drinking her Pedialyte and resting all day Friday.
  • Friday – More coding at work. It’s good to be straight-coding again for a bit after quite a time managing the Mac project and just general non-programming tasks.

Well, the evening’s entertainment, the Doodlebops (Kayla loves them), is nearing the end, so I should go play with Kayla a bit before it’s off to bed with her and on to more Burnout Paradise for me!

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  1. Doodlebops suck and are evil. You lose 4 Ron points for making me think of that theme song.

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